Roofing Experts Help Texans Prepare For Tornado Season

By Roofity
In May 26, 2015
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Tornado season is officially with us until the end of August. And although meteorologists are hopeful that it will be a mild one, we know that DFW residents are not taking any chances. Many of them are reaching out to the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association, Help Insure, Texas FAIR Plan Association and others to verify their insurance deductibles sooner, rather than later.

Our residential roofing repair pros know that a home’s roof must be prepared for Texas storms and then meticulously checked after a bad storm. Otherwise, the home may potentially experience flood or wind damage.

Roofing Experts Help Texans Prepare For Tornado Season

Keeping that in mind, our roofing team is encouraging all Texas homeowners and commercial property owners to call us before storms arrive. We can inspect, and repair your roof and gutter systems. Consequently, we can help ensure that your roof is made with materials tough enough to withstand 100+ mph winds, drenching rains and impacts from debris or hail.

Did you know that there are flashing materials meant to withstand winds of 150 miles per hour? It’s true. Similar may be said for select gutters, gutter covers or guards, shingles, siding and windows. Our roofing contractors would be happy to discuss all of the building materials they’re accustomed to using with you upon request. And yes, many of those same materials come in colors and styles meant to blend in or compliment Texas homes. To setup a meeting, please contact our roofing and gutter experts today.

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