Residential Roofing

We are Available for our customers, their questions, and/or their concerns

Residential roofing customers require a special level of trust and professionalism when it comes to their personal property.

Homeowners are tired of contractors and roofers who always say (without warrant), that their roof needs to be replaced. I have a good friend of mine who got his roof replaced after all the storms that came through. After he got it replaced he still allowed the door to door soliciting roofers the opportunity to inspect his roof but did not tell them it was just replaced. He told me later that almost all the “rookies” as he called them told him he should probably file a claim to get his roof replaced. No wonder there is a lack of trust in this industry. It is the fruit of seeds planted by men who lack in integrity.

Our photographed inspections show the customer exactly what we see and we never underestimate the power of doing what is right. Those are the types of seeds we are trying to plant in this community. If it just needs a leak repair we do the repair for our customer. If it needs a new roof we get our customer a new roof. Simple.

Roofity, LLC. has made significant efforts to bring every customer a new level of comfort and peace of mind. Along with knowing their project dollars are going to a worthy cause, comes a quick realization that their contractor really cares about making an impression. From taking special precautions to cover valuables to hours of wading through red tape getting funds released from mortgage companies, Roofity treats every property and financial situation as if it were their own. We provide countless commercial, residential, and charity referrals to prove it.

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