Storms and Shingle Damage

Residential Roofing: Storms and Shingle DamageShingles armor your roof and protect it from environmental harms. When a storm hits, it brings high winds, rain, and sometimes hail. All of these things wreak havoc on your roof’s shingles. Here’s what you need to know about the effects of storms on residential roofing and why you should get it taken care of by professionals as soon as possible.

Wind Damage

When the wind blows through, it gives your home a thorough beating. This includes the roof. Shingles tear and break. Shingles lift up. Shingles rip off. The wind has no mercy on your roof. When shingles dislodge due to wind, it leaves the surface of your roof compromised. Replacing missing or damaged shingles right away is imperative to avoid further roof damage. When the integrity of the shingles is compromised, your roof is highly vulnerable to leaks, which will in turn lead to more wide-spread and costly damage.

Hail Damage

When a storm bombards your home with hail, the roof suffers. Just like wind, hail can loosen and damage shingles. Unlike wind damage, hail damage is sometimes difficult to detect and requires a closer inspection. When hail pelts shingles, it leaves pockmarks. These indents shorten the life of the shingle. If your shingles are asphalt (the most common), hail impacts can strip off the granules and soften or crack the shingles. This changes the structure and lessens their ability to protect the roof.

After a bad storm, it is important to get a roof inspection and have any shingle damage repaired immediately. Shingles that are broken, lifted, missing, or impacted can leave spots on your roof susceptible to leaks and further damage. Often, storm damage is hidden and can only be discovered by a close inspection. With a kink in your roof’s armor (or several) your home is vulnerable. Leaks can lead to structure damage, rot, and mold.

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Roofity – Charity Through Roofing

We are a Dallas/ Fort Worth business and proud of it. There are many roofing companies that pride themselves on having multiple locations in several states. These companies are built on a “storm chasing” mentality and go against our motto that:

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Circle of Friends Award

Roofity has been presented with the 2012 “Circle of Friends” Award. The “Circle of Friends” Award is given to an Individual, Corporation, Organization and Foundation who have demonstrated exceptional work and effort towards furthering the mission of restoring hope, sharing God’s love and changing lives in our community.

“Circle of Friends” Award Nomination

[full]A letter from Community Enrichment Center.[/full]


Dear Roofity, [break][break]

Roofity has been nominated for the 2012 “Circle of Friends” Award. The “Circle of Support” Award is given to an Individual, Corporation, Organization and Foundation who have demonstrated exceptional work and effort towards furthering the mission of restoring hope, sharing God’s love and changing lives in our community.


Words cannot adequately express our appreciation for your wonderful and extremely generous contributions to the CEC. Visionary donors, like Roofity, are providing a solid foundation for many. An unknown author said, “Being good is commendable, but only when it is combined with doing good is it useful.”


This letter brings you my warmest congratulations, too. It is an honor to be selected for this award by the board and staff of CEC. It speaks highly about how well you and your work are perceived in this organization. It is a positive contribution that deserves our recognition.


It is our hope that you will join us for the Annual Do not Luncheon held on Friday, April 27 at 11:30pm at the Hills Church. Thank you again for believing in CEC and supporting our mission to restore hope, same God’s love and change lives in our community. Your support changes lives.[break]
Warm regards, [break]
LaToyia Dennis – Director of Development[break] | 817-281-1164 Phone[break]

New Water Well in Kenya

Thanks to Roofity, LLC. and The Johnson City Rotary Club (Tennessee), we were able to complete the pipeline and spring water preservation in Tot! You have changed the future of thousands of people. Our deepest gratitude from all here at Roofity and the entire community of Tot, Kenya!


Thank You Roofity


To whom it may concern,



I can’t begin to express what your generous matching donation means to me and to my future daughter.  When I started the journey of my heart to adopt a little girl with Down Syndrome I jumped in faith and with both feet.  This journey has brought amazing people into my life like Joel, Jennifer, and Seth and companies, like Roofity.  I was so touched that you would step up and decide to help me with this journey.  The money is most definitely helpful and will go to extremely good use, there’s no doubt about that. I still have funds to raise but I am that much closer to adopting and bringing my daughter home.  But more than the monetary value, I so greatly appreciate the thought behind the gift. This donation encouraged others to donate and we were able to raise funds to allow me to submit my dossier (official documents requesting to adopt from her country).  My dossier is on the final proofing. I should be able to meet my daughter very soon and accept her referral! I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  You are such a blessing to me and my future daughter.



Please know I won’t forget your kind gesture. Thank you again and God Bless,



Megan Meier