Basics of Metal Roofing Systems

Basics of Metal Roofing Systems

Learn why metal roofing is quite in demand these days. Metal roofing systems are something a lot of people are looking into today, particularly businesses. There are a number of reasons to consider metal. Here are 6 of the best:

#1) Durable
Most roofs are able to last a long time in dry climates. However, if you live somewhere that gets plenty of rain and snow, the roofs might not last as long. In this case, you might want to go with metal roofing. Metal often lasts longer than other kinds of roofs, and it ages quite well. As opposed to asphalt and shingle roofs, it will never deteriorate. It also is chip and crack resistant.

#2) Stylish
Believe it or not, metal roofing can be very stylish. Most people think they are just ugly gray eyesores, but this is not always the case. The reason is that there are many different kinds of metal you can use for your roof.

These roofing systems are sold with a number of different materials, such as copper, zinc, steel, aluminum, tin and ad polymer. All of them have a unique appearance and are quite durable. And no matter what kind of metal you get, it can be painted to go along with the rest of the house or business. You can find metal roofs in just about any color imaginable.

Finally, you can also choose between flat metallic or corrugated sheet metal roofing. The latter comes with wavy ridges, and is a bit more stylish than the flat variety. You can even get panel shingles, if you are really concerned about style.

#3) Less upkeep
Metal roofing doesn’t have any tiles that break off, and the shingles do not crumble. Therefore, it requires very little upkeep.

#4)Less expensive
Metal is not the cheapest kind of roof out there, but it is less expensive than certain varieties. And due to its’ durability and low upkeep expenses, insuring it is often cheaper than other kinds of roofs.

#5) Easy to install
Metal can be installed on top of old roofing such as asphalt and fiberglass shingles with ease. Of course, if you already have 2 layers of shingles or more, you will have to take them out first.

#6) More energy efficient
Metal actually reflects the sun, and does not absorb the sun like asphalt or tile shingles do. Therefore, it makes it cooler during the summer. However, it also retains heat in the winter, because metal reflects from underneath. For this reason, it will generally make your house more energy efficient than other roofing systems.

Metal roofing systems have a number of benefits over other forms, and these are 6 of the most important. You might want to consider it for your building if you want to save money and have a longer lasting roof.


Does Your Roof Have Any of These Serious Problems?

Does Your Roof Have Any of These Serious Problems?

The roof is the structure of your home which typically gets the most blows from Mother Nature. At the same time, not every roof is perfect, especially if it doesn’t get proper care. Given all this, issues are more common than homeowners would like to think. For this reason, people often do not spot them on time. Rectify this by learning more about some of the most serious issues affecting modern residential roofs.

Water Leaks

Rainwater goes through the roof and into your house where it can cause considerable damage. At first, you may just sense the moisture. Later, you can notice darker spots on your ceiling and possibly on your walls. Water is particularly dangerous for all wood structures as it can cause major damage which may be impossible to fix.

Most people think that water leaks occur due to curling or damaged shingles, but in many cases, rainwater goes through a gap in the flashing details, usually because they have not been attached properly. That is why they deserve closer inspection during maintenance. The good news is that the flashing details are typically made of galvanized steel or aluminum. These are both extremely strong materials and this is essential for effective roof repair.

Fascia Damage

The job of the fascia is not only to make your house more aesthetically appealing, but to provide better protection from the elements to the entire structure and to the roof, in particular. It can suffer different types of damage, depending on the material which it is made from. Wooden boards are prone to decay while UPVC fascia may crack. When non-corrosive sheet metal is used, the risk of damage is lower.

If you have wooden fascia, watch out for dark spots showing rotting. When the areas with decay are few and fairly small, repair is usually possible and will produce good results. Due to the exposure to UV radiation, a UPVC fascia can get brittle and crack. Repairs are often possible, but when the damage is great, replacement is the only solution.

Curled Shingles

Homeowners whose house has asphalt roof shingles can expect to encounter this problem at one point in time. The edges of these shingles are prone to curling up because of their exposure to water and heat. Usually, this occurs after many years of use, but some factors may speed up the process. These include poor ventilation, incorrectly installed fasteners and nails which are too high.

The most straightforward solution to this problem is to glue down the edge which has gone up. The application of specially formulated roof sealant is a job with requires some skill. It a shingle is severely damaged or breaks, it should be replaced straight away. Otherwise, the risk of a roof leak increases immensely and in this case, fixing the damage will require more effort.

Check for roof damage at least two times a year and get any problems which you discover solved as soon as possible. If you neglect them, you will most certainly end up in bigger trouble. Choose a roof repair specialist who is licensed and experienced.

Get professional roof repair services quickly when you need them. With skilled specialists who use high-quality materials, your roof will be in good hands.


Which Is Better For Roofing- EPDM Or Asphalt ?

Which Is Better For Roofing- EPDM Or Asphalt ?

It is time to discuss the pros and cons of asphalt roofs and EPDM roofs as these are the most common roofs in North America. It is important also to have a basic understanding of the features of each of these types so that they can be compared.

Organic felt or fiberglass dipped in asphalt, and coated with ceramic or stone dust is what is used for asphalt roofing. The coating is done for the purpose of hardening the surface, giving colour and enabling the roof to reflect a small amount of sunlight.

Asphalt roofs are made with asphalt roofing mats or with asphalt shingles. The only difference in these two is that mats are not as heavy as shingles in spite of being made of the same things.

Their greatest advantage is their low cost in addition to ease of installation and low maintenance requirements. However, asphalt roofs are dark in colour and heat the house easily and increase air-conditioning costs. They also contribute to the heat island effect and global warming.

EPDM is used, among many things, for waterproofing roofs. It is especially useful for low-slope roofs and has been for a long time. EPDM stands for ethylene propylene diene M-class. It is a synthetic elastomeric rubber and can also be used for roof renovation.

The advantages of EPDM lie in its ability to resist cyclical membrane fatigue, thermal shock, ozone, weathering, abrasion, UV, hail and heat damage. It tends to retain its flexibility in cold temperatures and is also fireproof and resistant to wind uplift.

Installing EPDM roofing is easy. Like asphalt roll roofing mats, it also comes in the form of large mats that have to be stuck to the roof using adhesives and not nails. This is an advantage because nails in roofs are points where roof deterioration can occur by rusting followed by water penetration.

While EPDM roofs are mostly black in color, white versions are also available and using this is an advantage because of the cooling effect it has on homes. This also reduces money and energy spent on artificially cooling the house and is an advantage when compared to asphalt. EPDM as a material is more durable than asphalt.

While EPDM and asphalt are comparable with regard to ease of installation, affordability, recyclability and lifespan, the best choice for a flat roof or a mildly pitched one will be EPDM and for a pitched roof will be asphalt shingles. This is because EPDM shingles are not made. Asphalt rolled roofing is commonly replaced by EPDM roofing but EPDM sheets aren’t to be laid on the asphalt as they will deteriorate because of the oils from asphalt.


Metal Roofing Contractors- The Best Way to Ensure Safety to Your Homes

Metal Roofing Contractors- The Best Way to Ensure Safety to Your Homes

There are many aspects of a home that needs to be addressed with lot of care and attention, for instance, roofing services is one of them. One can always hire a residential roofing company for the installation of proper roofs to the house. As the security arrangements are done on a prior basis, this service should also be given enough importance that falls under the security measures of a home. Several companies available in the market have highly skilled professional that possess immense knowledge about every aspects of roofing systems. These experts have a good knowledge about the correct methods of installing the roofs at homes. Several service providers inspect the house initially and suggest the appropriate roofs for the house.

As there are numerous service providers of roofing services, one need to be aware of the fact whether the company is experienced or not. Several companies’ have technicians that are well experienced and one needs to check whether they have provided their services to a similar type of homes before as their present client’s. There are types of roofing systems available, and one has to choose the required service provider such as metal roofing contractors, in order to ensure favourable results for the house. The metal type of roofing systems offer a solid protect to the house and are durable in nature.

The companies that are providing exceptional services of roofs offer residential as well as Commercial Roofing services to the people. There are many shops that require this service, in order ensure safety to the shop. In times of bad weather, for instance during a storm, if a home or a commercial shop does not have a proper roofing system installed, it might have to face huge problems. Therefore, it is always highly advisable to hire the residential steel roofing services in order to ensure utmost safety. The steel roof acts as a protective cover for the home during storms and any other natural calamities.

Homes are the place where one feels most secured and relaxed and therefore, the arrangements for the comfort for the members of the family are very essential. It is common that many homes face problems due to broken branches of tress and therefore, it is important to hire residential roofing company to shell out their expert services. Several service providers have their own website through which one get all the details of their services with their costs as well.


The Top 5 Most Common Roof Problems

The Top 5 Most Common Roof Problems

Roofs come in various shapes, with many different coverings used to protect them against the elements and ensure whatever is underneath does not become exposed. By their very design, roofs are built to last, some more than others, but they are all constructed to provide at least a few years of protection. However, due to age or unforeseen circumstances, the integrity of a roof will become compromised and you will need the call in the help of a reputable roofing company.

Having been established in 1984, as you can imagine we have come across pretty much every roofing problem you can think of. Here are five of the most common issues we see.

1. Leaks
If you have a leaking roof then you have a major problem on your hands – one that will need repairing as soon as possible. Given the amount rain we get every year, leaks are incredibly common. Generally, a leak occurs due to poor seams on single-ply membrane roofs and seams will need to be properly glued or heat-welded. Dislodged roof tiles, standing water, and damage due to extreme weather conditions are also leading causes of roof leakages.

2. Lack of Maintenance
The best way to prevent roof problems is through proper maintenance; however, due to positioning, caring for a roof is not always possible. Ponding water, unfilled pitch pockets, and flashing defects can be avoided and warranties protected with regular inspections.

3. Poor Workmanship
As roofers, we come across a number of roof problems that occur simply due to poor workmanship. We have been called to various jobs to put right the work that an inexperienced or unqualified roofer has done wrong; these include adhesion issues, improper sheet installation, use of unsatisfactory materials, and unsecured tiles. Poor workmanship seriously reduces the life expectancy of a roof, which is why you should only ever use a reputable firm with proven experience.

4. Ponding Water
An issue we mentioned earlier. Ponding water usually occurs due to the design of the roof and the lack of a slope or insufficient drainage. Standing water is one of the primary causes of roof leakage and water will begin to damage the surface if allowed to stand for more than 72 hours.

5. Blistering
Blistering is a major issue with flat roofs and is caused when trapped moisture detaches the roof membrane from the layer below. The problem escalates when the heat of the sun causes the trapped moisture to expand.

Every home or business will suffer one of these common roofing problems at some point. When that day comes, you can rely on roofers to save the day!

Does a Tile Roofing Require repairs?

Does a Tile Roofing Require repairs?

A lot of people seem to harbour a common misconception that Tile roofing does not require repairs. Strangely there are roofing contractors who advertise stuff like. “once you’ve installed a Tile roof, all your roofing problems are over for life!” This is not true though. Tile roofing is one of the best options but it can develop problems and leaks.

Things you need to know about Tile roofing:

The main idea of installing a tile roof is to build a strong long term leak free roofing system. Tile roofs are best because they shed most of the water, especially during rains. But there are occasions when a little water creeps into the felt layer below the tiling. The ‘Felt’ is something made out of asphalt based materials. Over time ‘felt’ tends to deteriorate. With aging the material becomes brittle. Over time it is bound to develop cracks. That is when the water that seeps in from the tile roofing finds its way and leaks.

Leaks occur when the penetration pipe is damaged or at times the area near the chimney or skylight opening is damaged.

And, yes tiles break at times!

So to answer the question, “whether tile roofing requires repairs?” is a big YES!

Possible Repair Situations

Fix a leaking roof when it rains

In case your tile roof begins to leak while it’s raining heavily; you can get your contractor to get a tarp positions over your roof. This solution works for a while. You can get a complete check up done once the rains stop. The only condition when installing an emergency tarpaulin is that your roof is free of algae and moss deposits.

Fixing Vents

Roofs that are comparatively new generally do not have such issues. You may notice a sudden leakage. But it is advisable to wait till the rain stops because the water may be coming from a vent because of wind-driven rain. Using a tarp during such occasions does the trick. You can call your contractor for a general maintenance visit. They check the pipes and clean off loose debris. Replacing broken tiles or repositioning existing ones can also do the trick.

Damaged Felt

It is possible that the underlying layer made of ‘felt’ gets damaged; especially when the roofing system is more than 10 to 15 years old. In such situations experts check the entire lower surface bottoms-up to see the course of the water stream. The idea is to fix the damage at the very source.

Broken or Slipped Tiles

You can get your contractor to good a good patch up job if you detect broken or slipped tiles. If you do not wish to get an entire section re-done then go for patchwork; The contractor with replace the old tiles with fresh ones, and you are good to go!


How To Find A Good Roofer in 5 Easy Steps



How To Find A Good Roofer in 5 Easy Steps


Whether you are choosing a company to construct a roof for a brand new home or you are trying to fix and replace parts of a roof damaged in an unexpected and devastating storm, you need to take the decision of who to hire very seriously. The construction of a roof takes the expertise of professionals who take pride in their work. Leaving this important job to anyone with a pickup truck and a hammer could have you dealing with much more serious issues in the very near future. How can you find a quality and dependable roofing contractor? We have you covered, literally and figuratively. Here is how to find a good roofer in 5 easy steps.

1. Choose a local contractor.

The best way to get a feel for what type of job you are considering paying for with your hard earned money, is to take a look around your neighborhood. Do you see quality work? Are there a few roofs that catch your eye? Perhaps a metal sheet roof or bright Spanish tile roof has caught your attention. Do some research around your community and ask who did those roofing jobs. You are most likely going to find a local contractor that takes pride in the work they do and who has a very positive and established reputation in the area.

2. Check the reviews and testimonials.

Today businesses know that the best advertising is positive reviews and word of mouth referrals. Professional contractors not only complete quality work but they do so while cultivating a great hassle-free customer experience. Go online and find some reviews from your favorite search sites and read the reviews from similar customers as yourself. If you find reoccurring themes that seem troublesome consider that as a red flag. However, if you find the business reaching out and apologizing for small mistakes, taking care of customers, or simply racking up amazing five star reviews, consider them for your roof job.

3. Decide on quality instead of price.

While we do enjoy the lower prices that competition brings, not all extremely low prices are bargains. Avoid the business that literally pulls up in a truck with a few tools offering to complete the same work for a cheaper price. All too often these contractors cut corners or use sub par materials to get their work done faster and cheaper. This can result in shoddy work or worse yet, necessitate repairs soon after the work is complete.

4. Stay away from pushy salesmen.

A good contractor prides themselves on their work and fulfilling a necessary role for their community. Pushy salesmen not only fail to combine the proper services with the right customers, but may actually fail to deliver a quality service in the first place. They don’t have the foresight to create a strong reputation which may allude to the motive that they don’t plan on being around too long. All too often these contractors want to get in and get out before you have time to realize how inadequate their work is.

5. Choose well written contracts and clear expectations.

A good roofing company has everything to gain from communicating clearly with their customers. Satisfaction is all about ease of transaction, quality service, and adhering to the agreement, or written contract. A roofer should be willing to meet your needs at a fair price while meeting clear policies and expectations, and following all rules and regulations. If this process is rushed or feels inconsistent you may want to consider choosing another company.

Choosing a contractor for your next construction job or roof repair doesn’t have to be stressful and confusing. Use these 5 tips to help get you started finding the best fit for your needs.


Installation And Care Of Different Residential Roof Types



Installation And Care Of Different Residential Roof Types

Are you considering getting a new roof installed on your home? You may be wondering what type of roofing will be most worth the investment of time and money. You could choose to reroof in the same material you have now or consider using an alternative material for your shingles. Different materials have advantages and drawbacks in relation to roof repair and roof installation that should be considered. Here are a few types of roofing materials to consider.

The first are composite or asphalt shingles. These are the most popular, inexpensive and come in many different colors and types. Roof repair when you have composite roofing is easy, as you can simply reapply a new shingle here or there where needed. Plus, they generally come with a 20 to 30-year guarantee so it will be a while after installation that you will need to repair your roof. Roof installation is quite simple as well. A main drawback is that since these shingles are so common, your home’s roof will not stand out from others. It is also subject to mildew and moss growth over time, and asphalt not an environmentally-friendly product.

The next option is wood shingles. These are commonly installed on contemporary bungalows, cottages, and ranch-style homes. The natural weathered look is an attractive one that many people seek. Plus, some insulation value is placed on your home with this type of roofing. Roof repair with wood shingles is easy, and if properly maintained, this roof installation should last 30 to 50 years. However, unless these shingles are properly treated, they have a poor fire rating and can require a high level of maintenance due to the weather. Installation usually requires a professional to manage the work.

Tile roofing is a very attractive option on Mediterranean, Italian and prairie-style homes. They are non-combustible, which means that fires are contained with these kinds of shingles. While maintenance of this kind of roofing is easy, roof repair can be expensive and tricky because walking on the roof may break tiles and cause more repair to be done. This same level of trickiness calls for a professional roof installation to occur and the installers must be aware of the fragility of the tiles. There are other roofing options available today, but these popular options provide you with a starting point for considering what new kind of residential roofing you may want on your home.


The Benefits Of Shingle Roofing



The Benefits Of Shingle Roofing


Shingles are one of the most common materials used in roofing today. Meeting with a roofing contractor will help to determine is shingling is the best option for your home. The most important piece of the puzzle is that the roofing material you choose is the right style for your roof and roofing desires. There are a number of options available to fit a variety of budgets and needs. Shingles tend to be an option that is often more often chosen over other types of roofing materials.

One of the biggest advantages of asphalt shingling is that it tends to be one of the most inexpensive roofing materials to purchase and install. roofing contractors can often install a shingle roof at about half the costs involved with the installation of metal roofing. Manufacturing asphalt shingles is relatively inexpensive when compare it to the cost of other available roofing material options. Your roof is a large part of your homes curb appeal. It is important to remember this especially when you’re considering selling your home soon after installing a new roof. You are more apt to get the money that you put into a new shingle roof out of your homes resale values over that of a metal roof.

Another reason shingle roof tends to be purchased more often than any other material for roofing is the ease of installation. roofing contractors charge less to install shingle roofs because the process is simpler. Shingles are extremely flexible and can be easily manipulated to fit most any homes structure. Some homeowners with a lot of experience in construction even find that they can install a shingle roof without too many issues. This is not recommended because even one shingle installed improperly could cause hundreds of dollars in damage to the roof’s structure.

When it comes to maintaining a shingle roof it is fairly simple and most homeowners can achieve a long lasting roof with minor yearly maintenance. Shingles are lightweight and simple to replace. For most shingle roofing repairs you will not have to involve a professional roofer. Algae on shingles are also easy to maintain and prevent. With the use of copper strips at the peak of your roof you can prevent the growth of algae and moss on your shingle roof.

Shingles add to the curb appeal of your home. Shingles come in several different styles as well as a variety of colors to fit your homes unique look. Many professional roofers have software that allows them to take a picture of your home and change the look using different colors and styles of shingles before making any purchases. This allows you the freedom see the change before committing to it which is so nice especially for homeowners looking to do something new with their homes exterior.

To reach your homes full potential when it comes to a new roof the best option is to start by contacting a local roofing contractor. Most offer a free initial consultation where they can discuss different options in roofing materials as well as associated costs and the time frame for installation.


5 Key Questions That Help You Find A Good Roofer



5 Key Questions That Help You Find A Good Roofer

As a homeowner, you are constantly trying to make sure your home is in its best condition. However, when disaster strikes, you may need more than just a DIY attitude. Finding a good roofer, for example, is at the top of the list of “musts” when it comes to storm damage, as well as long-term home upkeep. Finding the right roofer is not easy, and when you have the added pressure of fixing your roof ASAP, it gets harder.

Taking the time to think clearly, calmly, and logically can make the difference in getting the job done right. Here are five basic, though important, questions you can ask to help find a good roofer:

1. “Do you provide a written estimate for the repairs?” There are a number of roofing businesses out there that will give free estimates after taking a look at your home, but the reputable ones take the time to give you an estimate in writing. A good roofer will be exhaustive in looking at the damage and take notes. While they may give a general “ballpark” number while they are there, they are quick to note that a written, comprehensive breakdown of cost is best for you to make a decision. It allows you, the homeowner, to be more vigilant about costs during the whole process.

2. “Are you a local company?” When stormy weather comes through and causes significant damage, it is hard to know what steps you need to take to get things back to normal. Unfortunately, there are many “fly by night” companies that take advantage of this confusion and promise more than they can provide before leaving town. It is important to verify if a roofer is local and has a physical store front/office. The company tends to be more accountable because they are part of the community.

3. “What kind of insurance do you carry? Do you have a good workman’s comp policy in place” This is a combination of questions, but the message is clear — you are asking whether the company can cover costs in case something happens to someone during the job. Should something happen while a crew is on your property and the company is not covered, you could be liable for it, and considering the stress you feel about your roof repair, you could be dealing with an even bigger headache.

4. “Will there be someone with whom I can communicate from start to finish?” As the homeowner, you need to be able to have conversations and interact effectively with the crew. You do not want to “kinda” understand things or “sorta” see what will be happening; you need to be in the know the whole time. Depending on the size of the company, you may have either a general site manager or the owner him-/herself on the job. No matter the situation, you must have a point-of-contact you are comfortable with and fully understand.

5. “What type of warranty do you offer?” Getting a new roof should mean peace of mind for a homeowner because the roof should have quality that spans about two decades or more. Even then, you want to be sure that the company stands by their work. A written warranty of what their responsibility is to you is essential.

On the whole, your role as a homeowner involves doing your homework and researching prospective roofing companies. It is important to be thorough, but you must also take your time.