How It Works

It is actually quite simple. We donate between 10 to 25% of all the profit of the business to client selected charities that we have partnered with. In some instances we give those charities fundraising opportunities by increasing the amount given to that selected charity if we receive business through their supporters.

We are not the first company to give percentages of business to others, however we are, as far as we know, the largest percentage giver. For example Subaru (the well known car manufacturer) gives ½ percent of every car sold to their charity partners. 10- 25% is unheard of, and that’s exactly why we do it.

We want people to experience an unheard of kind of love in both the giving and the given. We want those that we do business with, when they realize that they just contributed X amount of dollars to a specific need they were unaware of, to first find it contagious and then want to tell others about this need they just learned about. We want those that have been given to, to be able to count on us for a steady stream of donations to help continue their fights to better this world for His name sake.

We hope that people will join us in making their lives about need, not greed.