3 Ways a Roofing Service Helps Prevent Cold Weather Pests

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In September 12, 2016
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Fall has arrived, and this is a time when strong gusts of cold air and sudden Texas downpours test the stability of your roof. Regardless of whether or not you have a reliable fuel delivery such as Long Island’s Romeo’s Fuel, your house can still become very cold and draughty if your roof is poorly maintained. Additionally, with energy costs soaring, it has never been more important to make your home as energy efficient as possible. Of course, comparing fuel companies online is a fantastic way to take some money off your household bills, but it is vital that you take extra steps to improve your property. Blown off shingles, water damaged under layers, and stripped asphalt shingles are just a few common issues that compromise the integrity of your roof. While many people think of their roof as primarily protecting their home from water damage, you should also be aware that keeping your roof structurally sound also prevents those winter pests from setting up nests. As you prepare your home for the colder weather, here’s three ways a roofing service can help you successfully battle those pests.

3 Ways a Roofing Service Helps Prevent Cold Weather Pests

Remove Conditions That Allow Critters to Thrive

It only takes one missing or cracked shingle to allow water to seep down into the wood beneath your roof. Once this happens, the wood becomes soggy enough that pests can begin to chew through it to get into your home. Carpenter ants and termites love softened wood, and this is a common way for rodents to get into your attic. Pretty soon, you may find yourself overwhelmed with these critters and getting in touch with someone like https://www.pestcontrolexperts.com/local/nevada/ to come out and remove the pests from your roof so that you can then focus on fixing the roof to prevent this from happening again.

Identify Potential Entry Points

During a roof inspection, your roofing expert will look for signs of roof damage such as rotting wood and loose flashing around the chimney. It is during this inspection when many of the problems a professional roofer identifies can also be potential ways for pests to get into your house. For example, holes in your roof’s soffits make it easy for animals to climb inside to stay out of harsh weather.

Be Proactive With Seasonal Inspections

Having your roof inspected every season allows for prior damage to be promptly repaired before it leads to a major problem. Many seasonal pests return year after year so shoring up holes or cracks in your roof right away will prevent future invasions.

This season, you can streamline your home maintenance by making sure your roof is ready for the winter weather. To schedule your roof inspection, contact us today.

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