Know More About Different Types of Shingle Roofing

Know More About Different Types of Shingle Roofing

Shingle roofing has been popular for a long time. These are made of flat tiles made of different materials that cover your entire roof. They are installed in rows with each layer overlap the one installed before it. This system prevents water from entering the roof.

Back then, most of these types of roofs where made of cedar wood. Nowadays, these kinds of roofing materials can be made of asphalt, clay, fibreglass, slate and wood. There are different characteristics for each type of shingle tile. Some will need less shingle repair while others will require shingle replacement more often.

Asphalt shingles are more common today than they used to be. They are quiet popular due to its low-cost. These do not last as long as other materials used for shingle roofing though. They are fire resistant and ideal for states that experience a lot of brush and forest fires. They are not ideal for states where it snows a lot or have high winds during storms.

Clay shingles come in a variety of shapes and curves. They are tiles made of clay and can be shaped according to specifications. They can be ideal for Spanish style homes with curvy tiled roofs or modern Asian style houses with flat shingle tiles. These are heavy and require a strong support to hold the entire roof up. Due to this, they may come out a bit costly to install.

Fiber glass shingle tiles are light and very thin compared to other shingle roofing materials. They are more fire resistant than asphalt or wood due to its fibreglass reinforcement mat. This style of shingle roofs were introduced in the 1970’s and is more ideal for steep roofs. They are quite durable and can be walked on without being damaged.

Slate roofs are very durable slivers of rock and have been known to last a century. Slate shingles are also attractive to look at. They are one of the most costly types of roofs but you will last longer than a human lifetime. They don’t need much shingle repair through the years. They resist fire, storms and wind. They are so safe and durable that insurance premiums on home coverage are usually reduced.

Wood shingles were very common in the past but are not as popular today due to the risk of fire. Wood shingles are also prone to termite infestation, mildew and moisture damage. There are shingles made of vinyl and cellulose that actually look like wood. Vinyl shingles are rated A for fire resistance and is the safest type of shingle to use in states that experience a lot of brush and forest fires.

Metal shingles can be made of steel, tin aluminum or copper. These are available in many styles, colors and shapes. They are light weight and can last 50 years or more. It is a low maintenance and will rarely need shingle replacement. They are environmentally friends but a bit difficult to install. Prices vary depending on the type of metal used.


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