Signs You Need Roof Repair After a Hail Storm

Recently, a major hail storm hit North Texas that has left homeowners scrambling to identify damage and schedule repairs. While Wylie got hit the hardest, almost every surrounding neighborhood had some type of damage. Since spring storms are always unpredictable in DFW, you should know how to spot hail damage before it leads to costly roof leaks.

Signs You Need Roof Repair After a Hail Storm

Check the Metal

While most people tend to think of their roof as just being shingles, there are several metal areas that can be damaged. Look along the flashing, roof vents and valleys to see if any parts have come up or have dents that compromise the structure.

Identify Missing Asphalt

When hail hits your shingles, it can knock the asphalt off of the surface. If this has happened, you will see areas on the shingle with only the black substrate remaining. It is important to note, however, that this type of damage cannot be viewed from the ground. If fact, it is better to have a professional in roof repair perform the inspection since some types of damage can be subtle.

Feel For Dents

Sometimes, dented shingles are not visible to the naked eye. Run your hands along the shingles and note if any have indentations. If you feel a spot, then you can press down slightly to see if it has any give. If it does, then you have definite damage.

After a hail storm, it is important to identify damage right away since future storms could bring water damage if your roof is not repaired. If you suspect a recent storm has compromised your roof’s structural integrity, then contact us so we can get started on an inspection today.