Is Your Roof Sagging? – Here are Some Possible Causes

Is Your Roof Sagging? - Here are Some Possible CausesA sagging roof is a sure sign that something needs repairing fast. Not only is it an eyesore, it is a huge safety hazard and contacting a residential roofing contractor is a first priority. It is not safe to attempt climbing on to your roof to inspect it. If it is already sagging, the roof won’t hold your weight which could lead to you falling through. There are many causes as to why a roof may sag. We’ll take a look at some common causes below.

Problems with Joists and Rafters

Joists are the large blocks of wood that run parallel to each other across the ceiling. Rafters are vertical beams that hold that actual load of a roof (for example the shingles) and makes up the roof’s framework. The joists and rafters work together to support the walls of your home and your roof. When these beams become worn due to wear and tear, aging, and in some cases extreme weather, they lose their strength. They begin to dip under the strain and thus, causes your roof to sag.

Too Much Weight

Another common cause for a sagging roof is too much weight. Your joists and rafters can lose structural strength over time. The weight that comes from items like heavy shingles, snow, puddles, and debris can cause your roof to sag. Even sloping roofs can still collect snow and debris. Eventually, the weight becomes too much for your roof to bear.

Weather and Time

Besides the snow, the sun and rain can also wreak havoc on your roof. The UV rays of the sun can weaken away the surface of your roof over time. Shingles can crack and rain water can seep in through these cracks eventually reaching your rafters. The moisture can lead to rot which weakens the rafters and eventually cause sagging.

If you are experiencing a sagging roof, it is important to contact a roofer right away. An experienced roofer can asses the damage and explain how and why your roof is sagging, as well as how to repair the damage.

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